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The company Scaregrow Sp z o.o. was in August 2017 by the two managing directors Martin Dostl and Jaroslaw Dula out Conviction of the raw material hemp, founded.

We deliberately chose “Cannabis Sativa”, because this plant is an extremely tall one has potential.

Unfortunately, this efficient plant is still struggling to be considered a drug, it is exclusively an EU certified crop that can be used in such a versatile way.

In 2018, we farm 190 hectares of EU certified hemp USO31 and Fedora17. Both are excellent edible varieties with nice big grains. Both are excellent edible varieties with nice big grains. Hemp does not need any sprays or chemicals.

Before sowing, the fields are only supplied with sufficient organic fertilizer. Thereafter, the hemp grows without further effort about 100 days until it is ready for harvest.

We process the entire hemp plant suburb in order not to waste any of this valuable raw material. When harvesting, there are 3 main coarse products: fiber, seeds, flowers.


  • Fiber

The hemp fiber we deliver as straw bales, in the nearby “hemp fiber factory Uckermark” to Prenzlau, where the straw  to fiber is refined and then for insulating materials, hemp concrete, animal bedding and much more. is further processed.

The hemp shives (the inner woody core of the hemp straw) are processed there to form landfills and pellets. Further information can be found at:

  • Seeds

The hemp seeds are gently dried, cleaned and sorted by us.

Large grains we peel with our own hemp dehulling machine to peelinghemp.

Smaller grains we press to natural hemp seed oil.

We ground the press cake into the most valuable protein powder (contains many vitamins and amino acids).

We process the hemp shells into hemp flour for bakery products as well as for high-quality animal – fish food. All food products are of course laboratory tested.


  • Blooms

We use the hemp flowers for the production of our high percentage CBD products, tinctures and essential hemp oil. We extract with 97% alcohol and then gently distill at low temperature. So we get a full spectrum preparation where all cannabinoids are preserved. Many CBD products that are often commercially available and that use a cost-saving CO2 method often lack many valuable ingredients. All CBD products are also laboratory tested.


Martin Dostl                                                 

Chief Executive Officer

Phone: +43 650 7441269


Jaroslaw Dula

Chief Executive Officer

Phone: +48 503 446055