Benefits of Diet with Hemp Seeds

Cannabis seeds contain all the essential amino and fatty acids necessary for a healthy human life. No other source of plant-based nutrition provides humans with vegetable protein in such an easily digestible form, or has an essential oil for essential health and vitality.

Hemp seeds have a higher content of essential fatty acids than any other plant. Hempseed oil is among the plants with the lowest saturated fat content, accounting for only 8% of the total oil content. The oil pressed from the hemp seeds contains 55% linoleic acid (LA) and 25% linolenic acid (LNA). Only linseed oil contains 58% more linoleic acid, but at 80% hemp seed oil has the highest total essential fatty acid (EFA) content of total oil content.

These essential fatty acids are responsible for the functioning of our immune system.

“In earlier times, farmers ate hemp butter. Thus, they were more resistant to disease than the nobility. The higher classes did not want to eat hemp just because the poor ate it. ” R. Hamilton (ED.D, Ph.D.) Scientist in Medical Research-Biochemist, Emeritus Professor of U.C.L.A.

LA and LNA are involved in the production of life energy from food and the distribution of this energy throughout the body. Essential fatty acids control growth, vitality and our state of mind. In addition, LA and LNA are involved in the transport of oxygen from the air into the lungs and to every single body cell. They play an important role in the storage of oxygen in the cell membrane, where it acts as a barrier against invading viruses and bacteria – none of which can thrive while oxygen is present.

The curved shape of the essential fatty acids prevents them from dissolving. Thus, they are very lubricious and therefore do not clog the arteries. Quite differently, the sticky, straight-shaped saturated fats and trans-fatty acids in edible oils or frying and shortening (in the production of polyunsaturated oils are exposed to high temperatures during the refining process).

LA and LNA have a slightly negative charge and tend to form very thin surface layers. This property is called “surface activity”; it provides the ability to transport substances such as toxins to the surface of the skin, digestive tract, kidneys and lungs, where they can be eliminated.

Seeds are naturally surrounded by an outer shell that protects vital oils and vitamins from ruin. This perfect seed coat is just as perfectly edible. For example, hemp seeds can be ground into a paste, much like peanut butter, but with even finer tastes. The nutritionist dr. Udo Erasmus says: “Compared to hemp butter, peanut butter contains almost shameful little nutritional value.” Bread, cakes and casseroles can also be baked with the ground seeds. Thus, hemp seeds are a hearty enrichment for cereal bars.


The pioneers in the field of biochemistry and nutritional science today believe that cardiovascular disease (CVD) and most cancers are linked to the degeneration of fats caused by the continual over-consumption of saturated fats and the refining of vegetable oils. turn the essential fatty acids into carcinogenic killers. It is no coincidence that every second American dies as a result of cardiovascular disease, and one in four dies of cancer. More people than ever fail in immunodeficiency in developed countries, and many researchers believe that cancer only breaks out when the immune system is weakened. Promising studies are currently underway using essential oils from hemp seeds to support the immune system of HIV patients.

The whole protein of cannabis seeds provides the body with all the essential amino acids needed to maintain good health. It also provides the necessary amino acids in the correct proportions so that the body can produce human serum albumin and serum globulins as well as the immune system-boosting gamma globulin antibody.

The ability of the body to resist and overcome disease depends on how fast it can make enormous amounts of antibodies to fight off the first attack. If the initially produced globulin proteins are only available in too small amounts, a large enough army of antibodies may not be produced and the disease can not be prevented from getting established.

To make sure your body has enough amino acids to make globulins, you should ideally eat foods high in globulin proteins. The hemp seed protein consists of 65% of the globulin edestin and also contains portions of albumin; thus its easily digestible protein is provided in a form very similar to that found in the blood plasma.

Hemp seeds were once used to treat nutritional deficiencies caused by tuberculosis. This disease severely blocks food intake and causes the body to atrophy. (Czechoslovakia Tubercular Nutritional Study, 1955 – Czechoslovak Nutritional Studies in Tuberculosis).

Whole seed contains all the life energy, and hemp seed foods also taste great! With the help of hemp seeds, we can ensure that we get enough essential amino and fatty acids to build powerful bodies and immune systems and stay healthy and vital.

(Please copy excerpt from ‘Hempseed Nutrition’ by Lynn Osburn, produced by Access Unlimited, PO Box 1900, Frazier Park, CA 93225 USA, on The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer.)