Peeling Hemp

Peeled hemp seeds from our own production.

We peel the hemp seeds with our own hemp peeling machine. The cannabis seeds come exclusively from our contract farmers from nearby Szczecin in NW Poland. The seeds are gently dried after harvest, cleaned well and sorted. Only large, beautiful grains are processed into peeling hemp. From the smaller grains we press hempoil.

Application for peeling hemp

Hulled hemp can be used instead of any kind of nuts. You can replace the nuts with peel hemp in virtually every recipe.

  • Muesli or raw food
  • All baked goods such as bread or pastries
  • spreads

Properties of peeling hemp

Hempseed protein is characterized by a high biological value and is easily absorbed by the body.

Hemp seeds have all the essential amino acids that are not self-produced by the body

can and are a good supplier of essential fatty acids and fiber.

Hemp is therefore an optimal ingredient and a supplement to a healthy diet.