Scaregrow-CBD Full Spectrum Drops made from complicated procedure with 97 % Alcohol. Our special procedure preserves all cannabinoids and natural terpenes.

Additional purification removes the contained wax, so the body can absorb the CBD much better. Without additional purification or CBD products made using CO2 technology, about 80% of the CBD is not absorbed by the body and will be eliminated ! This reduces the dosage of Scaregrow CBD-Full Spectrum.

20 % CBD- Hemp-Oil    10 ml    Drops

  • Alcohol-Raw-Extract from Cannabis-Sativa Blooms
  • no restaclohol contain
  • Basic: Hempseed-Oil from own production
  • Total CBD-Value: 2000 mg
  • natural CBD 1000 mg
  • CBD value enriched with 1000 mg CBD crystals
  • no fat , no Waxes contain
  • winterized ; can keep in refrigerator
Weight 45 g
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 82 mm